Light Jets

The ``Light`` aircrafts are configured to seat 6 to 8 passengers and have an average cabin height of 1.70m. It is therefore a little difficult to move around, especially when it comes to standing on your feet. Their cruising speed is around 700-800 km/h and their range is about 2000-3500 km. This aircraft is ideal for very short distances.

Medium Jets

The ``Medium`` aircrafts, that have a medium size, are capable of carrying 6-8 passengers and have an average cabin height of 1,80mt, enabling passengers to move inside in a more comfortable way. These aircrafts travel up to 800-900 km/h for up to 3000-5500 km non-stop.

Heavy Jets

The biggest size class of business jets are known as ``Heavy`` jets. They have an average cabin height classified as true stand-up cabins. These jets are configured to seat 9-16 passengers in complete comfort and looked after flight attendants that are not usually present on smaller business jets. The cruising speed of the aircraft is around 850-900km/h with a range of 5000-12000 km depending on the type and model of the aircraft, as well as the number of passengers.


Aircrafts known as ``Airliners`` are able to transport large groups of people at medium and long distances. There is a wide variety of airliners and each of them offers its own advantages. Small or regional airliners are designed for short haul flights, however, are more suitable for the continental medium-distance flights, whereas large airliners can carry hundreds of passengers on long haul non-stop flights as opposed to their smaller counterparts. The interiors of the aircraft can be arranged differently to be used as executive airliners or as regular passenger carriers.


The ``Helicopters`` can manoeuvre easily in such difficult-to-reach areas, as large congested cities or remote locations. They are ideal for small groups of people for short distance travelling. Nowadays modern charter helicopters are usually powered by a single or two jet engines. Their speed can reach an average of 280 km/h with a range of 100-350 km. The helicopter enables passengers to reach places with no airports and move around the city faster and easier than with a fixed-wing aircraft.

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