Transportation to/from airport

We arrange the transportation until the airport and from the airport to the new address. Available worldwide 24/7.

Bed-to-Bed Support Service

Bed-to-bed support. We guarantee the transfer of the ill patient from a sanitary structure to another and/or his domicile.

FULL ICU: Intensive Care Unit

All the medical instruments present on board give to our aeroambulances the Full ICU (Intensive Care Unit) qualification.


Highly qualified medical personnel in order to provide excellent treatments and satisfy any particular need of the patient.


Transfer to/from airport could be provided through heliambulance or by land ambulance according to necessities or requests.

Safety, Security and Logistics

We are so proud of our level of safety and logistics. We have conquered the total trust of hospitals all over the world.

Scheduling and Efficiency

We are able to manage every medical emergency and to transport injured or ill people for repatriation or in critical conditions. Give us useful informations.

Available for Emergencies 24/7

We are available for emergencies 24/7. Call us by phone or complete the following form in order to have a free and detailed quote.

Ask for a Free Quote for Aeroambulance or Heliambulance

    The transport of helicopter patients is recommended only for short journeys, also it may not be possible to board any accompanying persons.

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    Full ICU

    Intensive Care Unit
    The medical instruments present on board that give to our aeroambulances the Full ICU (Intensive Care Unit) qualification are the following:


    Portable Glycaemia Analyser

    Trauma Management Set ICU Unit with Spectrum Aeromed stretcher complete with oxygen supply, Medical Air, Aspirator, Inverter, 4 power plugs, 13.000 Lt oxygen reserve

    ICU Ventilator Oxylog 3000 Draeger

    Multiparamedic Monitor Lifepack 12

    Fresenius Kabi syringe pumps

    Portable LSU Aspirator

    Advance Life Support Bag

    Spinal Immobilizer Set

    Supply of Drugs.

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